The 8th Wonder of the World Angkor Wat


All you need to know about the 8th Wonder of the World. Angkor Wat, located in Cambodia, is now considered the eighth Wonder of the World, beating Italy’s Pompeii. The title of the eighth Wonder of the World is given to outstanding buildings or projects, and Angkor Wat has gained this recognition.

Unknown Facts about Angkor Wat

Hidden Chambers:

  • Library of Leaves: Etchings on the walls of a small chamber depict scenes from ancient texts, suggesting it housed a vast collection of palm-leaf manuscripts, now lost.
  • Tomb of the King? A hidden chamber under the central tower, discovered in 2005, might be the final resting place of King Suryavarman II, though conclusive evidence remains elusive.

Astronomical Alignments:

  • Solstice Spectacle: The central tower aligns with the sunrise on the summer solstice, potentially marking a significant event in the Khmer calendar.
  • Stargazing Deities: Murals on the walls depict celestial bodies and constellations, suggesting the temple’s architects had a deep understanding of astronomy.

Unsolved Mysteries:

  • Construction Techniques: The precise methods used to carve and transport massive sandstone blocks remain unclear, prompting theories of advanced technology or even divine intervention.
  • Purpose of the Moat: The surrounding moat’s true function, whether for defense, irrigation, or symbolic representation, is still debated.

Beyond the Grandiose:

• Hidden Murals: Beneath layers of grime, delicate murals depicting everyday life, including games, markets, and even childbirth, offer a glimpse into ancient Khmer society.
• Wildlife Haven: The temple complex provides a sanctuary for various animals, including macaques, long-tailed hornbills, and even the endangered Asian palm civet.


  • Angkor Wat was originally Hindu, dedicated to the god Vishnu, but transitioned to Buddhism later in its history.
  • The intricate carvings on the walls tell stories from Hindu epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata, as well as scenes from everyday Khmer life.
  • The temple complex is still an active Buddhist site, with monks residing and practicing within its walls.

Angkor Wat continues to captivate and intrigue visitors with its grandeur, hidden secrets, and enduring legacy. These lesser-known facts add another layer of wonder to this magnificent testament to human ingenuity and artistic expression.

I hope you find these insights surprising and thought-provoking! Remember, the beauty of Angkor Wat lies not just in its grandiosity but also in the countless stories waiting to be discovered within its walls and surrounding landscape.

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